Do Not Act The 7 Actions Below After You Have A Meal

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The 7 Hazardous Acts After Meal

Do Not Act The 7 Actions Listed below After You Eat

1) Do not smoke— Experiment from specialists shows that smoking a cigarette after meal is equivalent to cigarette smoking 10 cigarettes (possibilities of cancer is greater).

2) Do not consume fruits instantly— Instantly consuming fruits after meals will trigger stomach to be puffed up with air. For that reason take fruit 1-2 hr after meal or 1hr prior to meal.

3) Do not consume tea— Due to the fact that tea leaves include a high material of acid. This compound will trigger the Protein material in the food we take in to be solidified therefore challenging to absorb.

4) Do not loosen your belt— Loosening up the belt after a meal will quickly trigger the intestinal tract to be twisted & & obstructed.

5) Do not shower— Bathing after meal will trigger the boost of blood circulation to the hands, legs & & body therefore the quantity of blood around the stomach will for that reason reduce. This will deteriorate the digestion system in our stomach.

6) Do not perambulate— Individuals constantly state that after a meal stroll a hundred actions and you will live till99 In real truth this is not real. Strolling will trigger the digestion system to be not able to soak up the nutrition from the food we consumption.

7) Do not sleep instantly— The food we consumption will not have the ability to absorb appropriately. Therefore will cause stomach & & infection in our intestinal tract.

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