I’ve lost my mind! Where’d it go?

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We have actually all heard the exclamation, “I have actually lost my mind!” As idioms go, probably you’re believing I have actually gone nuts … from my mind. However that’s not exactly what I’m discussing here.

This isn’t really a listicle to assist you restore your peace of mind. Nor a counterattack led by mindfulness.

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This has to do with questioning our understandings of truth, ideas of self, and awareness. And I can inform you today I have no responses for you, simply an individual story that might cause more concerns tweaking your viewpoint.

Let’s start with the idea of “mind” and how evasive this concept is. Our interest has actually had us looking for mind given that we began cutting heads open peering into brains. As our sciences, tools and electronic devices have actually ended up being more refined we have actually discovered less disruptive methods to check out the areas of the brain and psychological activity … while the topic is still alive and thinking.

Concepts are not born in a vacuum. They require context, bits and pieces of relatively unassociated info, and dialog both internally and externally in addition to throughout the area of range and time in between the past, present and future.

In 1979 I was dealing with a style job to highlight the Electromagnetic Spectrum and how crucial tuning into the spectrum has actually shown for mankind. I was building on the concepts of R. Buckminster Fuller who stated, “Throughout history we have actually made our judgements upon noticeable, concrete, sensorially showed requirements. We might securely state that the world is keeping its eye on the unimportant noticeable 0.1% of the historic changes while missing out on the significance of the 99.9% total hidden modifications. Exactly what we normally mention as our daily world is a phase set with noticeable props which are quickly controlled by oblivious individuals to make use of the equivalent lack of knowledge of others.”

While investigating this job I invested a strong week in the library letting my mind roam as I went from book to book, remembering, and making connections to concepts that initially appeared unassociated.

It was at completion of the week, while at my drawing board attempting to determine ways to weave this together I lost my mind and the surprise struck me. It was as if all mankind throughout time were being in my head informing me their stories.

Quickly my notes and doodles about electrons, protons and awareness changed me into an Eleprocon. All of a sudden I was talented this brand-new word, a concept to summarize who we are ending up being and how it might impact our development.

We are wonderful animals with the capability to mix art and science to brighten exactly what formerly ran out sight to bring it from mind. We are comprised of the physical and esoteric aspects of deep space with the capability to choose in between the professional and the con.

This concept was built on the structure and stories of others throughout time who I had actually found in the library. As the words and illustrations began to stream I ended up being overloaded. It blew my mind and appeared an extraordinary duty to be provided this present. It was now my rely on play it forward and share exactly what had actually been bestowed upon me.

The next thing I understood I was roaming in the Noosphere, our cumulative sense of mind that covers all of us yet comes from nobody.

Is the look for mind simply the informing of a story, our story, the endlessing concept, the next brand-new “MythOS,” our present mythic os, our esoteric formula …

E= Mc ∞

Development = Mind x omnidirectional interaction



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